Edit / Save Displayed Data

With Mashmatrix Sheet, you can edit and save the data displayed in the sheet as it is.

To edit and save the displayed data, follow the procedure below.

  1. Double-click the cell in which the data you want to edit is displayed (Note that there are some columns that can not be edited depending on the data type, security settings, etc.)

  2. Edit the data. In this case, the appropriate edit control will be displayed depending on the data type of Salesforce field corresponding to the column.

    • Text Input – You can input any character string with the keyboard

    • Textarea Input – You can enter a character string that spans multiple lines

    • Date Input – You can input date/datetime value by date picker.

    • Time Innput - You can input time value by time picker.

    • Lookup – For reference fields, you can search and enter the reference record

    • Picklist – You can select candidates for selection list by pulldown

    • Checkbox – You can set true/false value with checkbox

  3. After editing the data, a red mark will be displayed in the upper right corner of the cell of the changed data.

  4. Press the Save button displayed on the sheet footer to save changes to Salesforce. Click the Revert button to return to the initial state.

    • If you do not press the Save button, it will not be saved in Salesforce

Edit Dependent Picklist

If any field dependencies are added to the picklist field on Salesforce, the picklist candidates are automatically narrowed down according in Mashmatrix Sheet to the field dependency setting.

If you have customized the options by "Edit Options" in column setting, these customizations will not be reflected to the dependency settings.

If you add or change the field dependency setting after adding a picklist field to the sheet, the field dependency setting is not automatically reflected. It is necessary to manually synchronize the Salesforce field dependency setting by "Edit Options"> "Sync Options" in the column setting.

Edit a Column with Field in a Parent Relationship

In Mashmatrix Sheet, fields belonging to the object in the parent relationship can also be added as columns. When fields of the parent object are added to the sheet as columns, they are set as not editable by default.

As described in "Change Column Setting", by checking "Set the cells to be editable" for this column, you can update the value of the field in the parent object directly from the sheet.

For the columns with fields of parent objects in the sheets created before the rollout of this feature (ver 15.0), the "Set the cells to be editable" check cannot be enabled, and you need to add the column again manually from "Add Column" menu.


  • Currently, fields that can be set editable are the fields belonging to direct parent object of the object on the original sheet. It is not possible to edit fields in the object following two or more levels of relationship.

  • When multiple records are referring to field values of a certain parent record, and fields of the parent record in each rows are edited to different values, the confliction will be resolved by adopting the update made in the lowest row of the sheet.

  • If you simultaneously update the fields in the parent object and the reference to the parent record, only the reference change to the parent record is applied (updates to the parent fields are discarded).