What is “Mashmatrix Sheet” ?

Mashmatrix Sheet is a web application that allows you to view and edit data on Salesforce as if it were an Excel sheet-like interface.

Until now, when maintaining the data on Salesforce, it was necessary to export it by CSV etc. and edit it on Excel, then import it again or use the data loader etc. to import it into Salesforce .

With Mashmatrix Sheet, you can perform data maintenance on the browser as it is after logging in to Salesforce without having to do cumbersome data export work. We provide familiar Excel-like interfaces and operations such as filtering and sorting. Mass editing of multiple records by copy & paste are also possible.

The created sheet can also be shared by users in the Salesforce organization, so it is possible for multiple people to smoothly perform tasks requiring data entry.

Since all applications run on the Salesforce platform, there is no need to worry about data leakage to the outside.

Required Environments

Supported Salesforce Editions

  • Sales Cloud / Service Cloud

    • Professional Edition

    • Enterprise Edition

    • Unlimited Edition

  • Salesforce Platform

    • Platform Starter

    • Platform Plus

  • Developer Edition

Professional Edition requires the installation of the package specialized for the Professional Edition.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome (Latest)

  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft Edge (Latest)

  • Safari (Latest, macOS Only)

Internet Explorer 11 support is only available in the Salesforce Classic environment.

With the end of support for Internet Explorer 11 on the Salesforce platform by Salesforce, Inc. Internet Explorer 11 support for Mashmatrix Sheet will also end on December 31, 2022.

Please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or other supported browsers if you are using the product with this browser environment.

Supported Mobile Platforms

  • iOS 14.0 and later

  • Android 8.0 and later

Minimum requirements for mobile platforms are subject to change at the sole discretion of Mashmatrix, Inc., with or without prior notice.

Install Procedure

Installation of Mashmatrix Sheet is done from AppExchange site. Before installing, you need to have an account of Salesforce administrator who has the authority to install AppExchange application.

  1. Access the AppExchange site and search "Mashmatrix Sheet" from the search box. Or directly access this URL (

  2. Click the "Get it now" button displayed on the Mashmatrix Sheet page

  3. Log in with the Salesforce administrator's account and confirm that the information on the organization you want to install is correct.

  4. On the installation execution screen, select "Publish to administrator only" and continue installation

  5. When installation is complete, please confirm that "Mashmatrix Sheet" has been added to Salesforce application menu

Initial Setting for Administrator

After installation, in order to use within non-administrator members, it is necessary to set the access permissions to the application for each user by the following procedure.

  1. After logging in with the administrator account, select the "Setup" menu

  2. Go to "Quick Find" in the left sidebar, search for "Permission Sets" and click on the same menu

  3. Click "Mashmatrix Sheet User" from the list of permission sets

  4. Click "Manage Assignments"

  5. Click "Add Assignments", select the appropriate users, add them, and press the "Assign" button

Also, after purchasing product licenses, you will also need the following settings for license assignment.

  1. After logging in with the administrator account, select the "Setup" menu at the upper right of the screen

  2. Go to "Quick Find" in the left sidebar, search for "Installed Packages" and click on the same menu

  3. Click the "Manage Licenses" link in the "Mashmatrix Sheet" package listed in the "Installed Packages" section

  4. Click the "Add User" button from the "Licensed Users" section

  5. Select the appropriate users who will be given the license from the user list, then click the “Add” button

In order to make Mashmatrix Sheet accessible from the application menu, you need to set the application to be visible in the profile which members are belonging to.

  1. After logging in with the administrator account, select the "Setup" menu at the upper right of the screen

  2. Go to "Quick Find" in the left sidebar, search for "Profiles" and click on the same menu

  3. Select the appropriate profile from the list

  4. Go to "Assigned Apps" section, click "Edit" button

  5. Check "Visible" checkbox on "Mashmatrix Sheet (msmxSheet__MashmatrixSheetApp)" and "Mashmatrix Sheet (msmxSheet__MashmatrixSheetLightningApp)", and click "Save" button

Users who do not have an assigned permission set and license will not be able to access the Sheet application, even if their profile is configured to view the Mashmatrix Sheet application.

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